Dental prostheses

Dental prostheses


Dentures are used to replace natural teeth. Their functions are both aesthetic and masticatory.
The absence of teeth, in addition to the aesthetic factor, has an important function that is chewing.
poorly chewed food carry digestive problems, and not only; the absence of posterior teeth can cause headaches and earaches for an increased effort in Tempero Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

- Can be partial or total

The prostheses are divided into two categories: Fixed Prosthetics and Removable Prosthetics.

The prosthesis may be made of various types of materials.

When the gum is not able to retain the prosthesis causes discomfort . When speaking or chewing the prosthesis moves .

One solution, if clinically indicated , is to put some implants strategically in the mouth and prosthesis. Thus, by means of a mechanical retention , the prosthesis is stabilized creating the desired fixing .

Also it is a removable prosthesis. The metal structure is extremely resistant causing it to be smaller and thinner therefore more comfortable. The fixation consists of hooks that fit in the teeth.
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The pivot is a fixed- graft consisting in placing a pin in the tooth root in turn bear a crown.

This type of prosthesis is indicated when the crown of the tooth but the root is full.

Suitable when the tooth structure is weakened due to a deep cavity , a root canal , a trauma , etc. The Crown is a type of fixed prosthesis that best restore the tooth. It is extremely tough and durable .
When the tooth needs to be extracted or for some other reason you lose a tooth , the implant is the best solution. It is to put a pin in the bone , replacing the root. Later , they put up a crown , which will replace the tooth. This process is known as an implant .
The fixed bridge is indicated when the root is not capable of supporting the crown or does not exist . In this case , with teeth close, it is made a structure linking one point to another coated porcelain or other materials.

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