Gum Problems

Gum Problems (Periodontite)

The Predictions deals with gum problems that may be affected by:

- Bacterial plaque: is the accumulation of food residues that stay in the teeth and gums due to poor brushing and cleaning.

- Tartar, is the most advanced stage of plaque that is already calcified. In this case, scaling is recommended for removal.

- Periodontal disease: Is a chronic inflammation, which has no cure. In these cases requires a frequent control to maintain teeth and gums clean.

There are people more likely than others of having gum problems. The proper brushing and flossing helps removing the food residues. If you notice your gum a bit more red or if you bleed when brushing your teeth, go to a dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people have lost their teeth because they had these symptoms for a long time without looking for medical help.

People with gingivitis that have bad breath should visit the dentist more often.

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