It is an unconventional medicine, which makes use of manual techniques ( Osteopathic manipulation ) to perform diagnosis and treatment.

The professional uses various techniques to effect treatment, for example :
gentle fascial release techniques, high-speed handling, methods of treatment of soft tissue and stretch techniques. The treatment aims to restore the homeostasis of the body , improving so joint mobility and posture of the patient. It has benefits adjacent circulation , nervous and immune system function, digestion and breath.

The osteopathy can treat a large number of problems to the human body may suffer during life, including :
- Twitches
- Joint pain
- Tendinopathies
- Headache
- Back pain
- Acute and chronic pain

The back problems are very common and the osteopath is the only specialist who can by hand and without the use of surgery, replacing the vertebrae in its anatomical position.

All ages will benefit from this specialty , from the newborn to the elderly .

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