Is the fitting of the teeth in their perfect harmony.

Occlusion has chewing functions but also cosmetic purposes. When there is an occlusal dysfunction, which can be caused by various causes, it should be corrected to avoid future problems.

Sometimes an occlusal adjustment is usually corrected by applying a simple selective grinding method at regular dentist’s appointment. But many times an orthodontic surgery is advised.
br />Other aspect is the lack of teeth or old denture, which also causes pain in TemporoMandibular Joint.

Some of the symptoms are:
- Headaches
- Earaches
- Pain when chewing
- Difficulties when opening and closing the mouth
- Stomachaches due to poor chewing
- Jaw pops with certain movements

The teeth should fit in a harmonious and balanced way, even after the placement of a denture. Sometimes it is necessary to have an occlusal adjustment.

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