Attendance to Children

Attendance to Children

Climope is a pioneer Dental Clinic in treating children.
The Child Dentistry is dedicated to the oral health of children and teenagers, with the objective of helping the patients to reach adulthood with a healthy mouth, aesthetic and well-functional and remain that way for many years.

Sometimes, due to parents’ lack of knowledge they may think that a permanent tooth is a baby tooth. The ideally is to take the child to the dentist when he reaches the first year of age, where the parents will receive all the proper advice. Many questions will be answered in this first appointment, such as:
- When does the first tooth come in?
- How and when start brushing the teeth?

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The Climope is a dental clinic in Agualva Cacém, Portugal which has a full team doctors and dentists to provide all the support you need for your smile be always healthy
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