Dental Esthetics

Dental Esthetics

It’s the perfect harmony between the color and the position of the teeth. In this service we seek to correct the gaps in teeth, restore stained or broken teeth and teeth with cavities. For this treatment we apply composites or resins which are used to restored the damaged parts of the teeth.
A very important part of the cosmetic it’s the teeth whiting. Teeth become stain, due to some of the following reasons:
- Previous restorations
- Tobacco
- Coffee or drinks with a lot of coloring
- Antibiotics
- Old teeth
- Trauma

* One of the most precious and important traits in life is your smile. There are many resources and advanced techniques in nowadays that help your teeth becoming white and shining, which allows you to freely smile.

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The Climope is a dental clinic in Agualva Cacém, Portugal which has a full team doctors and dentists to provide all the support you need for your smile be always healthy
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