About us

About us

Climope was born 20 years ago. It was a clinic any. Since its inception there was a concern with the little ones. So we begin by creating a waiting room so they could relax and even forget they were at the dentist. An unusual concept at the time. Gradually we insert more distraction means, to the point of having a room just for them with slides and swings. Later we began to have a special treat for the whole family. We have created a commitment to all clients have access to dental care and seek the right balance so that no smile left to shine. In order that the dental treatment was accessible to everyone, also established some agreements to meet our customers' needs. Climope is a complete team to give all the support you need so that your smile is always healthy. Over the years we were in updating and modernizing the facilities, always with the aim of offering maximum comfort and the most innovative techniques.

All this we do for so long for a simple reason: Your smile is what is most precious.

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The Climope is a dental clinic in Agualva Cacém, Portugal which has a full team doctors and dentists to provide all the support you need for your smile be always healthy
Rua Bartolomeu Dias Nº12 2ºA
2735-068 Agualva - Cacém

Tel: (+351) 219 120 392
Tel: (+351) 969 525 735
E-mail: climope@gmail.com